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Tumble dryer with exhaust flue connection Esteri TA 9340

  • Capacity 6,0-8,0 kg
  • Exhaust flue connection
  • Electronic humidity control
  • Mountable to a tower
  • to the washing machine 8940/9240

Esteri TA 9340 is a tumble dryer with flue connection, which has a variety of programs, excellent drying power and a very quiet running noice. The drum is suitable for places where durability and user friendly are key words, e.g. in aparment house laundry, dormitories, facilities, cleaning centers etc.TA 9340 can be fixed onto the Esteri 9840 or Esteri 9249 washing machines.

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  • Capacity 6,0-8,0 kg
  • Exhaust flue connection
  • Electronic humidity control
  • Mountable to a tower
  • to the washing machine 8940/9240

User friendly

The machines high-resolution 4,3” colour display is clear. The display is in Finnish, but 22 other languages are selectable. The display returns to Finnish after the programme. It's easy to select the program, because the selectable functions buttons are lit.

There are 9 humidity control programs and 2 time controlled programs. It's possible to make own changes to the programs by using additional functions like increasing the drying grade, sensitive and changing the direction. In addition to the basic programs the machine has 11 textile programs e.g. sportswear. The name of the program and remaining time is shown on the display during the programme. You can benefit the cheaper off-peak electricity by using the timed start function.

The new dimension of drying

A large 3D-drum gives the laundry more space to open up during the drying. The asymmetrical vanes ensure an even drying by moving the laundry between the back and front of the machine. The drum changing directions ensure that long textiles don't roll up during the drying. The drum is made of stainless steel and is supported in the front with a support roller and in the back with an axle. The drum is very silent and durable due to the structure.

Effective drying

The vanes distribute air remarkably better in between the laundry in small loads and opens laundry up more than before in full loads.TC 9350 has a very large heat exchanger which condensates humidity effectively. Due to these features the drying times are short, e.g. cabinet dry cotton programme is 45 min in the model TA 9340 and 59 min in the model TC 9350. Quick programs make the laundries efficient.

Comfort at all levels

A clear display and a A3 sized quick guide guides the user. The lighting and a large loading door (36 cm diameter, turns 180°) makes the drum pleasant to use. The door is right-handed but is adjustable to left-handed. The operating noice is very silent (TA 9340 54 dbA and TC 9350 56 dbA) due to an excellent noice cancelling. The drum can be mounted as a tower onto Esteri 8940 or 9420 washing machines.

Professional quality to continuous use

Esteri TA 9340 and TC 9350 tumble dryers are manufactured by the Swiss Schulthess AG. The machines are made to go on for over 20 000 programs. Koneet on tehty kestämään yli 20 000 ohjelmaa. The machines have a 2 year full guarantee ja 5 year structural guarantee, when used for apartment house laundry (additional information in Esteri-5 -guarantee terms).


Load 8,0 kg
Drum volume 150 l


Microprocessor control  yes
Drying programs, humidity controlled 22

Electrical connection, constant

Type of power 3N 400V 50 Hz
Cord 5 x 1,5 mm²
Fuses 3 x 10 A
Heating power 5,5 kW
Maximum nominalpower 5,9 kW

 Electrical connection, lowered power 16 A

Type of power 1N 230V 50 Hz
Cord 3 x 2,5 mm²
Fuses 1 x 16 A
Heating power 3,3 kW
Maximum nominalpower 3,7 kW

 Electrical connection, lowered power 10 A

Type of power 1N 230V 50 Hz
Cord 3 x 1,5 mm²
Fuses 1 x 10 A
Heating power 1,8 kW
Maximum nominalpower 2,2 kW

 Channel connection ¹

Putkistokoko Ø 100 mm
Ilmamäärä n. 280 m³/h
Vastapaine 50 Pa
 ¹ Kanavan mitoitus tarkistettava asennusohjeesta
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