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Dehumidifier Esteri QuatroDry RC

  • Drying room 20-40 m2
  • Drying power 4,5 -5,2 l/h
  • Time control AKM or OKM
  • Heat pump condensing

Esteri QuatroDry RC is a heat pump functioning dehumidifier designed for laundry drying, which recycles the heat again into the drying.  RC microprocessor monitors the machines functions. Usage from the front panel or the external NOK-centre (external display centre). Usage from an external OKM-, AKM-, HMH- or VAK-control device. Can be attached into an existing control devise when renovated. The display will show usage information, maintenance notifications and the error codes.

The heat pump system makes the energy consumption low, only 0,33 kWh/kg. Extremely quiet function allows the usage throughout the day. Big drying capacity ensures quick drying.

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  • Drying room 20-40 m2
  • Drying power 4,5 -5,2 l/h
  • Time control AKM or OKM
  • Heat pump condensing

Remote control RC

The RC version is intended to be controlled by an external controller. Especially in renovation projects, the OKM remote center is used as a controller, where is a 0-4 hours timer. In that case, the old equipments cables can be used. The RC version is also suitable for controlling real estate automation.

Alternative controllers are the AKM2 time control or the HMH humidity control. The combination AKM2 and HMH are used in places where laundry is constantly added to the room during the drying e.g. equipment drying in indoor ice rinks. HMH humidity control alone is used when the drying is follow-up, e.g. a drying room in a commercial carpet laundry.

The operator panel has illustrated guides and a A3 sized laminated quick guide comes with the machine.

From down to up

The air circulation in the Esteri drying room is simply ingenious. The machine blows dry and warm air under the laundry, from where it distributes evenly to the room. The warm air rises straight into the laundry. The humidity fades away into the dry air floating through the laundry and the humidity air is drawn back to the dryer. Due to the air circulation way, no ceiling fan is needed in a space of less than 14 m2.


The Esteri dehumidifier functions with an energy-saving heat pump, where all the heat is reused for drying. The dehumidifier removes humidity, therefore much less ventilations space is required. This allows the heat to stay in the room and does not go wasted through the ventilation.

Very quiet

Attention has been paid to Esteri’s running noise. The fan noise level is low, and the compressors vibrations is dampened by a thick base plate. So, the Esteri sound level corresponds to normal conversation sound.

Easy to maintain

The lint filter is solid and visible in front of the machine. Thereby it’s easy for the user to notice the need of cleaning the lint filter. The cleaning is effortless by sweeping with hand or a brush. The filter remains always on its place and there isn’t as much lint in the filter as in a removable filter.

Long maintenance interval

All machine-treated air is filtered through a very dense filter. Much less micro lint is getting into the machine, and the service interval is longer. The large diameter of the drain pipe reduces the lint to build up into the water drain pipe.

Handy to maintain

Investments are saved as the microprocessor reminds you of the regular cleaning of the machine and thereby the machine lasts a long time. The cleaning of the radiator and the water sink on the back of the front panel is easily done e.g.with a brush. In the situation of an error, an error code appears on the display.

Fast to install

The electrical connection points of the dehumidifier are centered in one place under the cover. The start height of the drain pipe is 430 mm. This will allow a sufficient drop in the drain pipe, even if the drain connection is further away. The drain pipe can also be connected directly to the drain system, as there is an interceptor in the machine. An optional drain pump can pump up condensate water upwards.

Certainly better

Esteri dehumidifiers in apartment houses are granted a two-year full guarantee and a five-year construction guarantee. The construction guarantee covers also the compressor.

Trustworthy domestic Esteri

Esteri dehumidifiers are manufactured in Vantaa. We benefit an over 55 years of experience in designing and manufacturing the dehumidifiers. The high-quality components, the right dimensioning and careful manufacturing guarantee our products a long and trouble-free life.

Room size

Recommended room size 20-40 m²

Drying capacity

+25 °C, RH 50 % 3,5 l/h
+25 °C, RH 70 % 4,5 l/h
+25 °C, RH 90 % 5,2 l/h


Noice level 57 dB(A)

Electrical connections

Voltage 3N 400V 50 hz
Cable 5 x 1,5 mm²
Fuse 3 x 10 A
Heating capacity 2,6 kW*
Total input 4,3 kW

Drain connection

Diameter Ø 32 mm
Height 430 mm
* Thermostat controlled preheating.
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