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Washing machine Esteri 8940

  • Capacity 6,0-7,0 kg
  • Spin 1600 r/min
  • Programs for normal laundry
  • High spin extractor

ESTERI 8940 is a high spin extractor full-automatic washing machine, which is suitable for apartment house laundry, cleaning centers, sheltered homes, facilities etc. as a main machine or assistance machine.

Thanks to the high spin extractor, no separate centrifuge is needed for the after-treatment of the laundry. The machines have a microprocessor control, which makes the water and electricity consumption low.

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  • Capacity 6,0-7,0 kg
  • Spin 1600 r/min
  • Programs for normal laundry
  • High spin extractor

User friendly

The machines high-resolution 4,3” colour display is clear. The display is in Finnish, but there is a separate button where you can choose between 22 different languages. The display changes back to Finnish after the program. It’s easy to select the program, because the selectable functions buttons are lit. There are 21 pcs of basic programs and you can scroll them easily on the display.
It’s possible to make changes to the programs by using additional functions like prewash, express, extra rinse and spin speed. In addition to the basic programs there is six textile specific program groups e.g. sportswear.  Each group has an own button, and by pressing them you get to scroll through the programs. The Proficlean button is used to select a program group customized to the use, which are: Cleaning, Institution, Industry, Restaurant, Wellness center, Campsite, Hospital and Fire station.
The Favourites button is used to select the most used programs and they can be quickly activated with a few clicks. The program name, remaining time and the programs temperature is shown on the display during the program. The timed start is selectable for up to 7 days. Useful when you want the laundry to be washed before the work day begins after the weekend.

The new dimension of 3D-washing

The new 3D drum moves the laundry also between the front and back. The program has a textile customized treatment thanks to the asymmetrical vanes of the drum. The increased movement of the laundry raises the washing effectivity.
A drum with very dense holes (7614 holes) allows the water to flow evenly between the textiles. Three rinses guarantees a good and fresh wash. The extra rinse can be activated e.g. for those who are suffering from detergent hypersensitivity.
Thanks to the high spin effectivity (1600 r/min), remaining dampness is only 43%. This saves time and energy in the drying.

Comfort at all levels

A clear display and a A3 sized laminated quick guide guides the user. The machine is easy to load and empty thanks to a very large loading door (diameter 34 cm) which opens 180 degrees. The door is right-handed but can also be changed to left-handed. The running noise is very quiet, thanks to the triple soundproofing on the machine (wash 42 dB and spin 61 dB).

Professional quality to continuous use

Esteri 8940 and 9240 are manufactured by the Swiss Schulthess AG and the machines are made to last for over 30 000 programs. The guarantee of quality is e.g. a sturdy drum bearing, frequency transformed asynchronous engine, four effective shock absorbers and a sturdy frame design. The machines have a two year full guarantee and a five year structural guarantee, when used for apartment house laundry.


Load 7,0 kg
Drum capacity 60 l


Maximum speed 1600 r/min
G-value 613 kp/kg
Remaining dampness 43 %


Microprocessor control  yes
Normal laundry programs 15

Electrical connection, standard

Type of power 2N 400V 50 Hz
Cord 4 x 1,5 mm²
Fuses 2 x 10 A
Heating power 4,4 kW
Maximum nominal-power 4,6 kW

 Electrical connection, reduced power

Type of power 1N 230V 50 Hz
Cord 3 x 1,5 mm²
Fuses 1 x 10 A
Heating power 2,1 kW
Maximum nominal-power 2,3 kW

 Water connection

Pipe size DN20
Water pressure 0,1 - 1,0 MPa
Cold water connection external thread 3/4"
Hot water connection (optional) external thread 3/4"

 Water removal, drain valve (8940-V)

Connection Ø 50 mm
Power 50 l/min

 Water removal, drain pump (8940-P)

Connection Ø 21 mm
Power 50 l/min
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