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Tumble dryer with exhaust flue connection Esteri TE 200

  • Capacity 7,9-9,9 kg
  • Exhaust flue connection
  • Dryness sensor

Esteri TE 200 is a effective and sturdy tumble dryer equipped with dryness sensor, which is suitable for apartment house laundry, sheltered homes, facilities etc. TE 200 has an exhaust flue connection.

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  • Capacity 7,9-9,9 kg
  • Exhaust flue connection
  • Dryness sensor

User friendly

The tumble dryers four programs are easy to use because every progam have their own button and a A3 sized user guide guides the user. The lit button shows the selected program and the programs progress is shown on the display.

Saves time and energy

The drums large volume and the longitudinal flow enhance the air flow in the laundry. As follows the drying results are more even with less energy consumption.

Large drum and loading door

To a large drum fits a huge amount of laundry. The doors wide hole (520 mm diameter) and 180° opening angle makes the loading and emptying of the machine smooth.

Sensitive drying

The drums smooth wall is sensitive to the laundry. A large diameter of the drum reduces wrinkles in the laundry and makes the laundry more fluffy. There's a cooling which prevents wrinkling at the program end.



Load 9,9 kg
Drum volume 198 l


Humidity controlled 4

Electrical connection, constant

Type of power 3N 400V 50 Hz
Cord 5 x 1,5 mm²
Fuses 3 x 10 A
Heating power 5,3 kW
Maximum nominalpower 5,6 kW

 Channel connection

Piping size Ø 100 mm
Air volume 360 m³/h
Counter pressure 100 Pa


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